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Restaurant Interior Architecture - Next French Laundry or Original Saison?

I found a great story on Remodelista about a hot restaurant in San Francisco called Saison (Michelin 2 Star restaurant). Its genesis was in 2006 as a pop-up restaurant (open only one day/week with a $60 prix fixe menu) launched by Chef Joshua Skenes and sommelier Mark Bright in the Mission District. Saison has evolved into one of the premiere dining destinations on the west coast.

3D Print Me a House...

Have you heard about the Dutch architect firm (Universe Architecture) who is planning on building a house using a 3D Printer?

From Dezeen, the Landscape House will be printed in sections using a giant D-Shape printer, which can produce sections of up to 6 x 9 metres using a mixture of sand and a binding agent. The house has a looping form based on a Möbius strip