Viola Interior Design Profiled in MainLine and Bucks Life Magazines

​I am very honored that my design firm, Viola Interior Design and I are profiled in the December/January editions of both the MainLine and Bucks Life Magazines, published by Black Dog Media, Ltd.

The Myth of Common Sense

The Myth of Common Sense, Hiroshi Mikitani, Viola Interior Design Taking a breather from design for a minute, I came upon this brief article (a LinkedIn posting) by Hiroshi Mikitani, CEO of RAKUTEN, Inc regarding "common sense"  & business decisions and found it worth sharing - take a look:

The Myth of Common Sense








9 Routine Tasks You Should Remove From Your Workday

Sometimes I take a "design timeout" and  look to managing and improving the efficiency of running my business. This is an article from Yahoo! Small Business Advisor that I thought was interesting and beneficial.

If you have a minute, check it out.....