Artisan Wallcoverings - Zuber & Cie

Wallcovering continues to be a design element with an increase in residential usage during 2013 (see my previous posting regarding Astek Wallcoverings – Marie Antoinette Shoes). I am seeing a demand for replacing painted walls with options such as hand painted fabric, papers that look like wood,and natural stone, or metal, along with some fabulous graphic prints on paper. A style that has stood the test of time and is at the pinnacle for quality is the hand painted wallpaper/walls by Zuber & Cie. This French manufacturer of painted wallpaper and fabrics founded by Jean Zuber in 1797 is one of my all-time favorite manufacturers. The quality of artwork in their handblocked schemes is incomparable. Many of their other products are must sees, too, so make sure to look at their website

After the French Revolution, many of the bourgeoisie used their new freedoms to flaunt their wealth by elaborately decorating their homes with the latest styles. Possibly influenced by the growing international trade with countries outside of continental Europe, like China, Zuber began crafting their wallcoverings using wood block printing. They claim to be the last factory to produce woodblock printed wallpapers.