Astek Wallcoverings, the Etchings Collection

I love the Etchings collection by Astek Wallcoverings. Although produced via modern technological techniques, Etchings takes us back in time to early traditional printmaking via hand engraving/carving and ink application to the materials.

From the whimsical stylings of Marie Antoinette's Shoes (look closely ;-) ),

to the Divine Goblets, and they are divine.....

The line also includes more conventional patterns, from Classic Scrolls

to Louie Damasks.

Each pattern comes in different color combinations with sparkling iridescent inks that really make them pop.

Astek also holds a subsidiary called Design Your Wall  that allows you to shop their thousands of wall decor products online or design your own productions (I tweeted about them the other day; use this link to the story -! They also feature wallcovering designed by artists such as Charlie Bidwell, Quincy-Sutton and Judy Reed Silver.

What do you think of these? Feel free to share your favorites!!