Dining with Duralee / Highland Court

I recently attended a wonderful small dinner meeting at 10 Arts Bistro & Lounge for a few of Philadelphia’s design professionals, brought together by Robin Gordon, Duralee Vice President of Marketing & Advertising.

The conversation revolved around Duralee's commitment to fulfilling customer's needs and expectations. Robin was fearless in asking what she and her team could do better. (We were also happy to provide her with feedback on what Duralee/Highland Court was doing right - and that list is long :-) !) A nice surprise of the evening was guest Eileen Kathryn Boyd, one of New York’s most influential interior designers who is now designing a fabric collection exclusively for Duralee.

We also had the opportunity to gush about our terrific Duralee/Highland Court fabric rep, Cathy Hinkley!

Speaking of Cathy, she stopped by my office this week and showed me Highland Court's new collection of crewel & cottonprint embroideries. They are trendsetting fabrics which will be fantastic for show stopping curtains and pillows. Each design is named after a famous Diva in the music world. My favorites are Gwen, Madonna and Bette. . .