Recent Project - Wynnewood Bedroom

This was a bedroom I designed recently for a client who wanted to update her son’s bedroom. When we began the process, his room was still the toddler themed room he had since. . . well . . .he was  a toddler! To make it more age appropriate, I proposed a beachy, surf style motif, keeping it laid back and current, with earth tones and accents of sunset orange and vibrant greens. My client and her son loved the idea, so we began!

The custom design features a platform bed “suspended” from shipping ropes and steel cleats, a custom coverlet with grommets and a loose pillow “headboard”. We took the existing dressers and desk and had a very talented decorative painter and artist change the pieces to look like zinc topped pieces with bases the color of driftwood.  The surfboards were custom made to our specifications by a wonderful cabinet maker and the painted designs were done by the same artist who did the furniture!


We completed the look with subtle decorative touches that reinforced the motif like linen shades with leather straps, a driftwood lamp and an iron mirror.

Posted on April 8, 2013 .