The NEW Jacques Garcia Collection @BakerFurniture

Just experienced a terrific presentation at the Baker Showroom in Philadelphia's Marketplace Design Center introducing the new Jacques Garcia Collection. One word - FABULOUS!!

Jacques Garcia is the most influential French Interior Designer & Architect of our time and is responsible for some of the most beautiful hotels and restaurant interiors in the world. He is well known for his use of elaborate materials, brazen color palette and an in-depth knowledge of history which is transparent throughout his work. Ironically, his new collection for Baker Furniture is more about pure form and the simplicity of pure white.

Jacques Garcia

Jacques Garcia

Senior Sales and Marketing Executive, James Caughman, gave a superb presentation that thoroughly explained Jacques Garcia's extensive knowledge of historical furniture, interiors and decorative objects. This knowledge, as Caughman illustrated through his visual presentation, directly influenced many of the new designs. Tinges of exotic cultures and high fashion also served as inspiration for Garcia's pieces. All of the pieces are hand crafted in the US using artisan techniques at the Baker factory in North Carolina.

Some of my favorites are: 

The Atrium Chaise Lounge, with its high, curved back over a low wood frame and short legs is an engineering feat in and of itself. In joinery, it is very difficult to get a curve of this degree with wood furniture but the skill of the Baker craftsmen has accomplished this expertly. 

Atrium Chaise Lounge - Jacques Garcia for Baker

The Maharadja Chair is surprisingly comfortable and its sinuous curves are supremely elegant.

Maharadja Chair - Jacques Garcia for Baker

Th Katoucha Dining Table is named in memory of a French model and gives a nod to fashion taking inspiration from a Chanel bracelet.

Katoucha Dining Table - Jacques Garcia for Baker

and the Rachmaninov Chest, a piece so rich and dimensional, that it bridges both time and culture. The angles of the frame, the cast brass shoes resembling the texture of draped fringe and the deep ebonized finishes (deep blues topped with an ebony stain, so the blue just peeks through) adds to the luxurious experience.

Rachmaninov Chest - Jacques Garcia for Baker

Make sure that you take this beautiful new collection into consideration when selecting product for your living spaces.