How do we get started?

Usually a face to face meeting at the project location is best. I will want to hear about your interests for the project and your goals.

Why does a Designer ask me if I have a budget?

Most designers ask this question so that we know what path to take when looking at furnishings, lighting, appliances, construction changes, etc.

A designer cannot design without a budget so if you need help figuring one out; we can work together to accomplish that.

How do I know if it is appropriate for me to hire a Designer?

Most of us desire the pleasure that comes from living in beautiful spaces.

A professional designer can create that for you by bringing an expertise that comes from education, experience, skill and professional affiliations. If you hire a professional designer, you will get creative solutions and the ability to put it all together, coupled with a trained eye for scale, proportion and flow. This culminates in designed spaces that you truly love to be in.